MobileVoip without Internet

MobileVoip TURKEY local Access number: 0850 390 2810 or 02129881279 (local rate)

Now you can use MobileVoip (Telbo, Nairacalls, BrowserCalls, Rynga etc.) without internet to make international calls from Turkey. All you need is you mobile phone or LandLine and call MobileVoip TURKEY local access number 0850 390 2810 and then dial the international number you want to call.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make sure you have entered your home and/or mobile phone number in your settings so you can access our local rate numbers.
  2. Select your country in the drop down box above, and call the local rate access number for your country from your home number or mobile phone and wait for the voice prompt.
  3. You can now enter any (international) number you want, and Mobilevoip connects your call (always use the international format for your calls, for instance 0044201234567 for a UK call). Costs for the onward calls will be settled via your Mobilevoip-account at the current rates. After entering the telephone number you want to call, you will hear the current rate of the destination you are calling so you know exactly what each call will cost – in advance.


The service is very quick and hassle free. There’s even a simple trick that you can use to make the dialling process completely seamless.

All you need to do is edit your international numbers to include the access number at the beginning, followed by a pause. This can be done easily depending on the brand of your mobile:

How to find pause in your mobile

If you need help with this, see your mobile phone instruction manual or

contact your phone manufacturer.For iPhone and Android you can hold the  * to find the pause function.

For example you use the TURKEY access number to call a German number:

Save the number as follows 08503902810P0049123456789 and you never have to enter the recipients number again.

If you need more help or want to buy MobileVoip Top-top please contact us.

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